Saturday, October 10, 2009

VIFF 2009 Trailer

This is the trailer I directed & animated for the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival.


Brownie Major said...

Nice. Was this just a contest entry or was it a comission/selected film (ie did they actually use it?)

haslinda said...

cool!! very nice!

p/s: why you neh reply my emaaaillll??? :(

Choomus said...

Thanks guys!

Brownie: It was commissioned and was meant for broadcast in the states.

Has: What email?? I hope you didn't send it to my hotmail cos I neh check that wan!!!! :P

haslinda said...

Alamak! I sent to your hotmail lahhh! I don't think I have ur gmail or at least I forgot what it was...

tammy said...

oh snap! this is awesome!!

Chris said...

Hello Choomus,

I like your animations!
I have some questions for you. Since I have nobody to ask, I'd appreciate if you answer.

I'm planning to study classical animation at VFS this summer. However, I’m worrying that the job availability is much lower than 3D and VFS.(I don't know any of 3D program and don't like playing around with computer all day. that's the reason I'm thinking of classical animation even though I know 3D is better condition to get a job)

I prefer doing hand-drawn animation, but many people said it'll be very hard to get a job for just for it. How's job availability for classical animation these days or a year later?

Thank you

Choomus said...

Hi Chris,

I'm glad you enjoyed my films :)

Most of the work I've done since graduation has been cut-out type animation in Flash, not hand-drawn. I do end up working on the computer a lot of the time so that aspect of it is quite unavoidable, whether you're doing 2D or 3D animation. Even in the classical animation course, we spent a third of the year in the computer lab compositing & colouring our films and learning flash. The basic principles of animation are the same, regardless of the medium so I suggest you learn them in a way you think you'd most enjoy.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at