Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Cleaning

With the weather finally warming up, I think I'm starting to awaken from my winter coma.. right in time for the summer solstice! So I've been scrubbing, cleaning, organising and I found these videos which upon re-watching, didn't make me cringe so I thought I'd share them.

This was made for my Grand Aunt, Lily Ong, who was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was in the last stages of making "In the Beginning" and passed away the day after I completed it. Because of the tight deadlines and the crazy amount of work I had to do on that film, I never made it back to see her or to attend her funeral so the least I could do at the time was to make a little animated clip for her memorial service. She was born (and also died) in the year of the pig and collected pig figurines and memorabilia obsessively throughout her life. By the time she passed away, she had amassed thousands of those little guys.

And some pixie dust I animated for an FX assignment in VFS.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'd Like to Thank...

To everyone who voted for Bobble & the Bunnies in the 2nd Annual Channel Frederator Awards, a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my squeaky rabbit infested heart. You know who you are - every last one of you. Without you guys, I wouldn't have these awesome Freds standing guard over me as I sleep .

Kudos to the crew over at Frederator for putting together such a cool episode announcing the results!