Sunday, March 2, 2008

By the Beard of Moose!!

This blog was becoming so stale from the lack of updates it was starting to smell like unwashed socks. Soooo.. here's some freshly laundered animated goodness for all to enjoy!

These are 4 bumpers that I worked on with the 1337 animation crew also known as By the Beard of Moose , a ragtag bunch of vfs classical animation alumni (and one instructor!) who got together for the trick17 stop motion competition in November and have since been joining forces to take over the world, one frame at a time. This time, we stormed the Mytoons front for the Mytoons Bumper Blastoff in the hope of attaining eternal glory In the Name of His Mighty Beard (and maybe some cash too :D).

Kudos to (in no particular order): Tzanko, Michelle, Ian, Tammy, Jim, Jared and Temris for awesome work on this project.