Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bobble & Bunnies on Fred!

I just found out today that "Bobble & Sqweek" and "In the Beginning" were nominated for the 2nd Annual Channel Frederator Awards!!

They were nominated in the "So Cute it Hurts Award" category and the "Bad Ass Bunny Award" categories respectively. If that isn't an honour, I don't know what is :D Voting begins April 16th so if you think Bobble & Sqweek are cute enough to give you stomach ulcers or the rabid exploding bunnies are indeed Bad Ass, do vote for them!

Thank you Fred! <3


B-Square Studio Cafe said...

I'm so proud of u choom choom!!

Choomus said...

Hey BEE!! I didn't know you had a Bee-log. I checked it out... super cool stuff! Stuck a link on my friends list too :) Thanks for stopping by!