Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ode to Snow

"Not all ideas are good ones, and not all images are good ones. They shouldn't be expected to be." ~ Scott Morse.

I recently acquired a copy of Scrap Mettle, a collection of "fast art" by Scott Morse a super awesome talented artist whose works I drool over on a regular basis. Thanks to his inspirational words and pictures, I've decided to delve into the perilous world of water and colour again.

This was inspired by the magical snowy weekend we just had which passed all too quickly when the weather went back to 12 above and the pouring rains washed it all away.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just saw yr animation 'in the beginning' on youtube. it's really unique. i love your representation of color.

are you a musician too??

Choomus said...

Thanks :) I play the violin for fun and to drive my neighbours crazy :D I guess that makes me a musician lol.

Elliot Cowan said...

"People I want to make My Friends"

I'm on that list.

Choomus said...

Hey! How did you find my blog? If you're not too creeped out by the stalkery, I'd like to move you to My Friends list lol. Love your work btw :)

Now be nice and don't go get a restraining order...

Elliot Cowan said...

How indeed?!

Very simple actually.
I have a sitemeter at the bottom of my page that tells me how people get to my blog.

As for stalking - don't be such a twat - these blogs are all about meeting new folks and stuff.

Nice to know you.

I'll stick up a link for you shortly.

Choomus said...

Ahah! The stalker has in turn become the stalked. How the plot thickens!
Glad to have made your acquaintance :)