Monday, November 26, 2007


Here are a bunch of sketches I did of Bujar Llapaj (pronouced Boo-yar La-pai if I'm not mistaken) - a man of diminuitive stature but larger-than-life presence. He's one of the conductors of the West Coast Symphony which I joined a few months ago.

He's really not an angry person as the pictures may suggest. He's just more fun to draw that way :D


Som said...

Niceeee Choom...
Hey, this is Som. You know, I've got an email from my Thai friend weeks ago and she recommend to watch an animation short that she mention 'love it...this make me feel how important imagination are' and that animation is 'the begining' :D
Since I know it's your reel, and it's so nice. I dig more and find your flash animation which I thought is really cute and creative. I see this blog and thought now you draw soooo good. What're you doing right now? Are you still in Vancouver? Sorry if this comments is too long. I just wanna contact you but I can't remember your email :P
ps. I will visit Vancouver this X'mas, hope we can meet there...miss u and again, great work!

Choomus said...

Hey Som! So nice to hear from you :) I emailed your yahoo account but I'm not sure if you received my mail. Anyway, you can contact me at Hope to see you this X'mas then :D